Introducing Often Overlooked – An Origin Story


There comes a point in every nerd’s life where parading around in a seemingly endless amount of obscure graphic tees fails to sate the appetite for waving our freak flags high. At some point we’ve got to discuss, to share in the delight that all our various alternative forms of entertainment bring with the other outsiders who are all too happy to fly far away from the cultural zeitgeist.

When we meet others of the same ilk, we inch slowly out of our introvert box, and strike up a conversation that sounds very natural when rehearsed in our heads, and incredibly awkward in actual delivered. Something like:


Coworkers introduce themselves in an oddly forced, not completely unpleasant atmosphere at a lunch time happy hour.

“Do those keys on your wrist… HAPPEN TO BE COPPER, JADE, and CRYSTAL?!”

“You’ve read Ready Player One?!”


*Note: Yes, this was an unnecessary screenplay excerpt.

After a tenuous affirmation, a friendship develops where obscure references to books and movies become a need to discuss, disseminate and divulge.

When Seth and I bantered enough to lose track of a couple hours of work, we got serious about taking some of our more thought-provoking ideas to the public. You know, boost the signal, if you will. It turned out he and Jeffrey had been talking about the same thing already.

Two weeks and a quick smash burger meet up later, we we’re recording our first episode. Cleverly titled by Seth “The Wash – Or: the Best Damn Pilot in the Verse.” If that title doesn’t speak to you in a profound way, you might not be our intended audience. If that’s the case, no sweat, we welcome all!

In the podcast we talk about movies, books, comics, tech, games, and all of that together. We call it Often Overlooked. We call it that because it’s a deeper dive than you might normally see into the things we love.

If you boil it down, the show is about three regular guys talking about the things we geek out about — the stuff our coworkers and family got tired of hearing us blather on about. If you don’t boil it down, it’s basically the coolest thing ever. The best thing since Season 3 of Rick and Morty. The best thing since news of Project Scorpio leaked. Better than Doors of Stone updates. Better than season 2 of Firefly. Just kidding. Really, just kidding, please listen to it.

I intended for this piece to be an intro to the show, but I hope that if you’ve taken the time to read this far, you’re willing to tread a little further. We’re excited and tenacious, and we’re just getting started.

We’re inviting you, our nerdy pseudo-family to join us on this adventure. You can find us FREE on iTunes or the Google Play Store, or join the conversation here on the site.