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Introducing Often Overlooked – An Origin Story

OFTEN OVERLOOKED PODCAST There comes a point in every nerd’s life where parading around in a seemingly endless amount of obscure graphic tees fails to sate the appetite for waving our freak flags high. At some point we’ve got to discuss, to share in the delight that all our various alternative forms of entertainment bring […Read More…]

Introducing Often Overlooked – An Origin Story

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Ready Player One: The Hunt

This project is going to be a long one where I work through all the media referenced in Ready Player One with my roommate. Below is the full list of things we will be consuming, including the movies, tv shows, video games, Music, D&D modules and books. This is a NEARLY complete list, you find […Read More…]

Ready Player One: The Hunt

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Starlog 1_15 | You Never Forget Your First…

In today’s starlog, we talk about our very first fandoms, and if reboots are better than remakes. Not to mention about a hundred tangents.